The Mtn Midnight Plan – USSD Codes, Tarriff Plans & All You Need To Know About The MTN Night Plan

The Mtn Midnight Plan - USSD Codes, Tarriff Plans & All You Need To Know About The MTN Night Plan

The Mtn Midnight Plan – USSD Codes, Tarriff Plans & All You Need To Know About The MTN Night Plan.

One of the top telecommunications companies in Nigeria is MTN. MTN Nigeria has demonstrated its generosity by launching an MTN night data plan.

Are you trying to find the MTN night plan code, instructions on how to use MTN night plan, or instructions on how to activate MTN night sub?

You’re in the correct place. Here, I’ll provide you comprehensive information on all MTN Night data plans, including how to subscribe, how to purchase an MTN Night plan, and how to check your data.

Do you frequently have an interesting movie on your mind but not enough data to download it?

Or perhaps you stayed awake all night long and were unable to view the popular TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and YouTube videos? The MTN night plan, which is available from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The fact that MTN Night Plan, MTN Night Sub, or MTN Nightlife is one of the greatest data plans offered to MTN subscribers is no longer a mystery.

Also, I must let you know that the MTN night plan is only accessible with the MTN pulse tariff. So, in order to use the MTN night plan, you must switch from any other tariff you are using to MTN pulse.


With the MTN Pulse prepaid tariff plan, you can make calls to any local network in Nigeria for a flat rate of 11.26 kbps after the first 60 seconds of the day at 25.6 kbps. “You speak more, laugh more, and love more” with MTN Pulse.

Text 406 to 131, call *406*1#, or enter *123*2*2# to join MTN Pulse.

Although I feel like this introduction is getting too long, I hope you can see why some things need to be explained in detail. Now let’s get started without wasting much time!

MTN Night Plan is a data plan on the MTN network that enables subscribers to browse the internet at midnight for an incredibly low rate. It was introduced by the network in 2016.

A particular MTN tariff plan makes the MTN night plan available in two packages for as little as N25 for 250MB and N50 for 50MB, respectively.

This MTN night data plan can be used to download files from the internet, scroll through social media, engage with information, talk with people there, and, most significantly, stream videos online.

The launch of the MTN Night Plan is a pretty wise step by the network as internet usage grows both globally and, naturally, in Nigeria. This is because many heavy internet users are satisfied with the package. You could now simply create a subscription for N50 and utilize it as though it were endless.


There are two types of MTN night plans:

500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25

In case you were wondering, yes, you may subscribe more than once in a single night. The answer is indeed Nevertheless, you can only use up to 2 GB of data in a single night. In other words, you can spend N25 for 250MB eight times and N50 for 500MB four times.


In order to use the MTN night plan, you must meet the requirements listed below.

  • Maintain the MTN Pulse Tariff Plan

            Your MTN line has at least N25’s          

            worth of airtime.

  • You must be prepared to stay awake and alert from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. since, unlike the Glo N100 night subscription, which is valid for 5 days, the MTN night subscription is only valid from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. and the data will be deleted at 6 a.m.

In order to avoid losing money, you must ensure that you are not feeling tired.


The MTN Night Plan is a simple, step-by-step method to follow or subscribe to. Pick up your phone, dial *406#, then enter 4, which is the Nightlife Bundle. Once you click send, your screen will show all of the Nightlife Bundles that are currently available. Select any of the plans you wish to proceed with starting at N25 once the selections appear.

You got it, right? If not, then follow the steps stated below carefully.

Step 1: Enter “*406#”

Step 2: Type “3” in the available options box.

Step 3: Choose the package you want to join by keying in the digit number that corresponds to it.


There isn’t presently a direct code for the 100 Naira MTN night plan, unlike Glo and Airtel. To activate the 100 Naira MTN Night Plan, you must subscribe twice to Nightlife @ N50.

Please phone *406# and enter 3 for MTN Nightlife and choose option 2 for 500MB for N50.Then carry out the procedure once more.


Unfortunately, MTN doesn’t have a 200 Naira per night package. But, you may make Nightlife @ N50 your own by subscribing four times throughout the night, or you can activate the 200 Naira MTN Night Plan.

Please call *406#. 

Decide on MTN Nightlife, option 3.

Choose Option 2 for N50, 500MB.

Then, carry out the procedure three more times.


Carefully follow the instructions below to sign up for the MTN Night Plan using the USSD Code:

1. Go over to MTN Pulse. Like I indicated, if you want to use the MTN night sub, you must do it. If you already have MTN Pulse, skip this step. If not, just dial *123# to switch to MTN pulse. To choose a tariff plan migration and a pulse, dial *123#, then type 2 and 1, respectively.

Migration is free if you haven’t done it in a month, but if you have done it recently, you’ll need to have N100 ready as a migration cost.

2. If you want to sign up for the MTN 250MB for the N25 plan, dial *406# and type 3 to choose the MTN Nightlife Plan type 1 option. Then, type 1 to confirm your subscription. After that, a notification stating that your membership to the night plan was successful will appear. After that, you are free to browse the web as much as you like until six in the morning.

If you want to sign up for 500 MB of MTN data for the N50, press 2, and then type 1 to confirm your membership. You’ll get a message confirming the success of your night plan membership. After that, you are free to browse the web as much as you want until 6 a.m.

You can simply type for simplicity:

Dial *406*3*1# for 250MB for N25.

Dial *406*3*2# for 500MB for N50.


Moreover, you can enroll in this plan via SMS! To subscribe, carefully follow the procedures listed below:

Send NT2 to 131 to sign up for the 500MB MTN night plan.

Send NT1 to 131 to sign up for the 250MB MTN night sub.


Prior to now, there was no method to check the remaining data on your MTN Nightlife Plan; however, MTN has developed a USSD code that enables you to monitor your remaining data. Even though MTN will periodically SMS you about your data consumption, you may still check it if you wish to by calling *559*96# or by texting the number 2 to 131 and waiting for the prompt message.

Furthermore, you may just select the MTN Nightlife Plan by dialing *406#, then input 3 again to see your remaining MTN Nightlife data.


Every feature offered by MTN, including data plans, tariff plans, and promotions, has advantages for customers. What are the advantages of an MTN Night Subscription?

  • Large amounts of data are available for a low cost.
  • With 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50, it offers the most affordable MTN data packages.
  • Online video streaming is possible with MTN Night Browsing.
  • You can use it to download any kind of material, including videos, games, music, and images.
  • Large files can be uploaded over the internet using the MTN night sub. For instance, uploading videos to your YouTube channel
  • With friends and family, you may utilize MTN night browsing to chat, make video calls, and browse social media.
  • During the night, MTN’s internet connection is extraordinarily fast.


Extremely easy!   An SMS notification will inform you that your MTN Nightlife Bundles have just run out of validity.

Also, you may monitor your MTN night plan through the settings app on your phone, allowing you to quickly determine if your MTN night data plan has run out.

Go to the settings section of your phone’s app.

Then select Network & Internet.

Click “Data Usage.”

The graph that follows shows how much data volume you’ve utilized throughout that time. You can return periodically to keep track of it.

Now deduct the volume you originally purchased from the data you have used. and you’ll discover how much data is still available.

Lastly, find out when the data on your MTN night plan expires.

Locate the data limit in your phone’s network and internet settings.

Set the cap to 1 or 2 megabytes less than your purchased night data package after that.

That’s it; when your data is close to expiring, a push notification will be sent to you.


Does MTN have night data?

Yes!  The MTN Pulse tariff plan offers a night data plan that is available in two packages: Pulse NightLife @50 and Pulse NightLife @25.

How can I get 1GB on MTN night plan?

Text NT2 or NT1 to 131 two or four times to receive 1 GB on the MTN night plan. The cost is N100.

Can I renew my MTN midnight surf package?

You can upgrade the inexpensive plan as follows:

Simply enter *406# to access the Pulse menu.To view the NightLife package price, choose option 3.Choose the NightLife bundle you prefer from the options now.

How long is MTN night data?

MTN night data lasts for seven hours, from 11 p.m. until 6 a.m.

How do I get MTN free midnight data?

By signing up for an MTN data plan that offers a midnight bonus, you may obtain the MTN midnight subscription for nothing.

Can I convert Night data to day data?

No, because MTN night data is only intended for use after midnight, you cannot convert it into day data.

How do I borrow a midnight bundle on MTN?

When using MTN, you can borrow a midnight bundle by first borrowing airtime, then using that money to purchase an MTN night subscription.


Since the introduction of the MTN midnight bundle, customers have been staying up late only to take advantage of this data plan, whether it be to download large files or browse social media.

Some people, however, still don’t know much about this data plan. And to help you out, I’ve created this MTN Night Plan code for 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

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