How To Link Nin To Glo Sim (Glo Nin Code) – Complete Step by Step Guide 2023

How To Link Nin To Glo Sim (Glo Nin Code) - Complete Step by Step Guide 2023

Complete Guide On How To Link Nin To Glo Sim (Glo Nin Code).

Need the Glo NIN Code or registration instructions? The processes for connecting a NIN to a Glo line or SIM via a USSD code and other techniques are shown below. Let’s get started!

Every person in Nigeria is given a unique 11-digit number called a “National Identification Number,” or “NIN.” If you wish to keep accessing the network, it is now important to connect your NIN to your Glo line. This article includes step-by-step instructions for connecting a NIN to a Glo line using a straightforward USSD code and other techniques.

There are many techniques we’ll be looking at in this article such has code to link Nin to Glo, Glo code for NIN Registration, code to check NIN on Glo and lots more.

NCC announced a NIN-SIM linking method in December 2020 that must be followed to avoid having your line blocked. Because of the difficult registration process for NIN, this statement infuriated many Nigerian internet users. I can confidently state that linking your NIN with the help of Glo NIN link code and enrolling for NIN has been simpler and faster since it was first announced.

You did hear me correctly. You may now enroll for your NIN and link it to your mobile phone using the Glo link NIN code or by walking into any enrollment center. Because Glo has joined with NIMC to assist millions of Nigerians who are subscribers to their network in registering for their NIN, and you can also register your NIN with Glo NIN registration code. It is much simpler for Glo customers. In light of this, let’s get started by learning all you need to understand about pairing your NIN on a Glo SIM card in Nigeria. 

How to register for NIN

Have you yet to create a NIN? To register your National Identity Number, go to any nearby NIMC enrollment center or accredited Gloworld store. And after the registration, you can always link the NIN using Glo code for NIN registration. To know about the Glo code for NIN, code to register nin on Glo and NIN Glo link code will be discuss later in this article.

The following is a fast guide for enrolling in NIN at the NIMC Enrollment Center:

  • Visit the pre-enrollment portal, download, and print the pre-enrollment slip before completing the NIMC pre-enrollment online form.
  • Visit the nearby NIMC Registration Center to submit your application.
  • Issue of a NIN

How to get your NIN on Glo

Code for Glo NIN, You should dial *346# on your phone to get your NIN on your Glo line if you’ve previously registered but can’t remember it. You can also use the Glo Link NIN code to link your Glo line with your NIN, which will be explained better below.

How to Link NIN to Glo Line / SIM in Nigeria

Four different methods—the Glo NIN Code, Glo NIN Portal, SMS, and NIMC 

Mobile App—can be used to link your National Identity Number to your Glo number.

First method: Link Using the Glo NIN Code

Glo lines are the only ones that can use the *109# Glo NIN code for connecting. To submit and connect your NIN if you already have one, simply follow the instructions below.

Your National Identity Number (NIN) may be submitted and linked on Glo by dialing code for NIN on Glo *109*NIN#.

Second Method: Connect using the Glo NIN Portal.

Go to the Gloworld NIN Portal. Fill in your first name, last name, middle name (if applicable), phone number, national identity number (NIN), and email address accurately in each field.

Enter the two-digit digits that are displayed to finish the procedure, then click the submit button.

Third method: SMS link

The simplest way for subscribers to update their NINs with their cell numbers is to text “UPDATENIN NIN FirstName and LastName” or “NIN to 109,” for example, “UPDATENIN 12345678903 Firstname Lastname.”

Customers of Glo can also update their PIN via phone by dialing 109 as an alternative.

Use the NIMC Mobile ID App as a last resort if none of the options mentioned above were successful. 

To get an OTP for installing the Mobile ID app, you must have your National Identification Number (NIN), which was provided by the National Identity Management Commission or one of its certified agents, and a mobile number (which you used while enrolling for the NIN).

How to Check NIN Number on Glo 

Are you trying to find a means to check your NIN? with code to check NIN on Glo, you are good to go or alternatively, perhaps you’ve misplaced your PIN and are looking for a way to get it back.  You’ve come to the proper place to find the answers, so congratulations. I’ll be demonstrating how to check your NIN number using a Glo SIM card in today’s post.

If you use Globacom, you absolutely must read this post. Using the NIN code for Glo will be important because the Nigerian Communication Commission has made linking NIN to SIM cards a requirement, all SIM cards that have not been linked to a NIN number would be unable to place phone calls, as you are surely aware. This is why the Glo NIN link code is available for us to be able to link our sim card without any stress.

How to Check NIN Using a Glo SIM Card

The steps listed below should be followed to check your NIN number on a Glo SIM:

Open the calling app on your smartphone.

Dial *346#

As you call the code, a number of alternatives will appear on your screen.

Enter 1 to choose “NIN retrieval” from the list of choices.

You should be aware that this service will only cost you N20; the money will be taken from your mobile phone network. How to obtain a call-up letter for NYSC

Your NIN number will appear on the screen following the deduction of the payment.

How to Link NIN to Glo SIM Cards via USSD Code

Use the steps below to link your NIN number via USSD code:

On your mobile phone, dial your 11-digit NIN number by pressing *109. Examples include “109*64812640614#

To enter and submit your information, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Click “send” after completing your information.

Your Glo SIM card will be connected to your NIN.

Congratulations!  Your Glo SIM card’s NIN has been successfully updated.

Codes to link NIN to SIM on Other Networks Networks NIN Shortcodes

MTN *785#

Airtel *121*1#

9mobile *200*8#


What is Glo activation code?

Your Glo SIM must be activated with the code 125. Keep in mind that only newly registered Glo SIM cards require the Glo activation code. The new SIM card must have gone through the network’s registration process before dialing the code.

What is the code for Glo NIN?

*109# is the Glo NIN code for linking, and it only functions with Glo lines. Simply follow the instructions listed below to submit and link your NIN if you already have one. Call *109*NIN# to submit and link your National Identification Number (NIN) on Glo.

How to link NIN to Glo by sms?

By simply texting “UPDATENIN NIN FirstName and LastName” to 109, “all our esteemed clients can now link their National Identity Numbers (NIN) to their mobile numbers,” claims Globacom. Send the text “UPDATENIN 12345678903 Chidera Abdul-Ola,” for instance, to 109.

How do I know if my NIN is valid?

Visit the National Identity Management Commission [NIMC] website at to see whether your National Identity Number (NIN) card is ready.  To see if your card is prepared and now available at the activation center, scroll down the homepage and click on “e-ID Card Status Portal.”

Can a NIN expire?

No, nothing changes. An individual receives a number that is valid for life.


You have it now!  Your NIN number is immediately accessible, and you can use it to connect to your other Glo lines.  Any of the strategies listed in this page can be used to instantaneously link your Glo line.  Remember that your SIM card will be disabled if your NIN number is not linked to it. Moreover, there is no restriction on how many SIM cards you can attach to your account. Use the instructions on this page to connect all of your Glo SIM cards, even if you have five, to your line.

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