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Your Benchmark To Buying A Good Pair of Safety Glasses-Workplace security

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    Your Benchmark To Buying A Nice Pair of Safety Glasses

    Eye injuries in workplaces are common and with genuine ANSI safety glasses, such matters can be taken care of. People working in construction zones and factories face hazards such as chemical splashes, flying bits of metal or concrete and wood.

    Even in some cases, radiation is present and it becomes a necessity to have proper protection against it. Nevertheless, choosing the right safety frame is not an uphill task.

    Following the right steps, you can order the perfect pair with your prescription lenses right to your doorstep. Some online sellers also offer free delivery under certain terms and conditions, so you can also avail that facility.

    Ways to Decide Which Pair Is Best suited for You

    few guidelines that you should follow when choosing the right pair of protective glasses.

    Step 1: verify Eye Risks at Your Workplace

    For example, if you handle toxic chemicals, you need to wear something that can cover most of your face. It is important to completely cover your face so that there are no chances of hurting yourself in case of spillage.

    The first thing to consider when buying safety glasses online is knowing what type of risk you will be facing. Safety eyeglasses come in a variety of shapes and designs according to the type of protection it can provide. Similarly, for people working in construction areas, it is important to have designs with side shields. Any small chunk of concrete, metal or wood can fly through the air and land in your eye.

    If it happens, you may end up damaging your cornea or your vision. Rubbing the eyes may increase damage but since the irritation is unbearable, most people damage their eyes.

    Some frames are wide enough they cover the area around the eyes. Some frames are like designer frames and they require safety side shields to be added.

    Step 2: Identify Types of Safety Frames and Lens

    Now that you have identified the risks towards your eyes, now it is time to choose a frame accordingly. Categorically, Safety Eyewear Frames can be classified as safety frames or safety goggles.

    Depending on the lens material, safety eyewear can save you from glare, flying objects, radiation, and dust. Commonly used materials to make safety eyewear include: polycarbonate, acrylic, and optical glass. Consider the pros and cons of the materials when ordering.

    Lens Material Pros Cons
    Polycarbonate Impact & scratch resistant, lightweight Optical quality is not excellent
    Acrylic Inexpensive, resistant to solvents Not very durable
    Optical Glass Distortion-free vision Heavy lenses, expensive

    Step 3: Know Your Preferences

    Now that you’ve selected the lens type for your Prescription Safety Glasses now it’s time to move towards the next selection. Consider the following factors to enhance the protection.

    Lens Strengths and Enhancements

    Lens coating: Lens coats are used to enhance the performance of Rx and non-Rx glasses. For example: if you are working in a humid environment, having the anti-fog coat would be helpful. When working at a welding plant, anti-glare coats can protect from eye damage.

    Lens tints: When working in high optical radiation areas, using clear lenses is damaging. Some tints can reduce the UV rays that reach your cornea. When purchasing online and choosing tints, talk to the expert for better guidance.

    Comfort and Design: These two factors have a great impact on how you feel wearing glasses. Unless you feel comfortable with a frame, your eyes will be strained and you’ll have a constant headache. Some designs are not for everyone; their performance is affected by face shapes. Unless the center of lenses is right in front of your pupil the vision would be obscured and blurry.

    Prescription Safety Glasses: if you have impaired vision, you need vision correction. If you need to squint your eyes when looking at a faraway object, your vision is impaired. Or, if you require keeping a book at a distance to figure out the words written on it, you need vision correction. To know exactly how badly you need it, visiting the eye doctor is recommended.


    taking into consideration the above factors will help you clear a lot of confusion most people face when buying a pair of Prescription Safety Glasses online.

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