Xiaomi’s Mint Browser now available in the Google Play Store

Xiaomi's Mint ,Browser ,now ,available ,Google ,PlayStore

Xiaomi's Mint ,Browser ,now ,available ,Google ,PlayStore

Xiaomi published its Google Play Store Mint Browser. A lightweight browser version built into MIUI, Mint Browser can be installed on any Android device running Android 4.4 or higher.

The Mint Browser is a lightweight browser that uses less resources. Whether it’s browser download size, size installation, memory usage or data usage, it’s slightly slower than some other browsers.

Because of its light weight, it is not particularly rich in features, but it does all the basic things, including an incognito. There is also a data saver mode, which compresses images to reduce the use of data. However, there is no ad blocker currently a popular feature in mobile browsers. Your search engine choice is also limited to Yahoo (which is used by Bing) and Google. You must set it as your default start page if you want to use something like DuckDuckGo.

Mint browser includes a night mode, a MIUI browser feature. It turns web pages into dark and makes them much easier in the night. It works mainly well, although certain sites or site elements may not work well. Also, even when it works, it first loads the site in its original color and only turns it dark when it loads, which means that you will keep flashing with a bright, white screen if you continue to navigate.

Indeed the good thing about this browser is that there are no annoying ads, notifications, odd promoted content and a start screen full of dozens of bookmarked promoted sites (yet) that are now plaguing the MIUI browser.

The app is now available in the Play Store for free.


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