Tips to Take Care of Your Car And Avoid Steady Repairs

A new car requires less frequent services because some of the annoying servicing needs such as cleaning the body rust, changing breaker points, or replacing spark plugs are related to aging.

However, your automobile still deserves some periodic checks, repair work, and clean up jobs.

Now let’s take a look at this few ways of taking care of your car:

Engine Oil

Check the level on a regular basis and keep an eye for a leak. Use a dipstick for the checking and park the vehicle on an even surface at that time to get the correct reading. If the level is low, fill the tank up but don’t overfill. Also, repair immediately should you find any leak.

Examine the Brakes

If you are pro enough to do this car care job, check it at least two or three times a year, and even more if you drive frequently and longer distances. You will need to remove the wheels and check the condition of the rotors, pads, drums, and other parts. Go to a servicing shop if you are not good with the motor.

Transmission Fluid

The cap to the fluid cylinder is sealed in many new models with an automatic gearbox. If your car is not one of them, check the fluid level when the engine is warmed up and running. Find out the level in the break-fluid reservoir and power-steering pump at the same time. Repair if there’s any leak and fill up if any of the tanks are running low.

Tire’s Air Pressure


Each tire should be inflated to the right psi. You have to check the pressure of all the tires including the spare once in a month and before an extended road trip. Use a pencil-type or digital tire-pressure gauge (which won’t cost much) to do the job.

Wash the Body

It’s probably the easiest but a tad tiresome way to take care of your car. However, cleaning is necessary, both the interior and the exterior. If possible, wash the body each week and care to remove the road salt and dirt from the fender wells and undercarriage.

Clean the Glasses

The windshield, rear view mirrors, and the headlights need regular cleaning because keeping them dirty will lead to safety hazards. You can use a cleaning fluid to wipe the bug-splattered and dirty windshield and rear-view mirrors. On the other hand, toothpaste or baking soda can give temporary headlight fix, but a can of UV-resistant clear coat will give a permanent solution.


Why visit the repair shop frequently when you can just go there once in a while. check it out yourself.






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