The most frightening VR horror games to date

frightening VR ,horror ,games ,date

frightening VR ,horror ,games ,date

Be frightened… be very frightened

The horror of virtual reality (VR) removes the one degree of separation that allows you to feel safe. You don’t see jumping scars happening to characters on the other side of a TV screen. You are hunted, alone and can not look away; all you can do is run or die.

But, not all VR horror is created equal. 

Of the hundreds of games available on markets such as Steam, you will find indie and 4 K graphics, psychological fear versus straight – up gore, and, if you know where to look, some spine – chilling gems with more average fare. Look through our picks for the best horror VR games around, and decide for yourself what level of claustrophobic terror you think you can deal with.

The Forest VR

You’re trapped in a mysterious, endless wilderness. You’ve built a shelter to defend yourself, scavenged food, crafted tools – and now that night as fallen, you know the monsters will be coming soon.

No, I’m not referring to Minecraft. But Forest VR, an open – world survival horror game with single – player and multiplayer support, shows how awful realistic graphics can be given to a game like Minecraft. The tension that you defend against mutant cannibals will continue to bring you back.


A great low – budget starting point to measure your tolerance for VR horror, Dreadhalls doesn’t give you the crutch of a defensive weapon. You have to navigate randomly generated dungeons for each new game, never knowing which monsters or traps will pop up to prevent you. Worst of all, if you waste too much time hiding, you are armed with nothing but a lantern that burns.

(For more low-budget haunted house jump scares, try Affected: The Manor)

The Brookhaven Experiment and/or Arizona SunshineB

Two zombies shooter games, two approaches very different. You should choose whoever sounds more attractive. The Brookhaven experiment plops players into the middle of a hordes of zombies and moves them in waves, frenziedly trying to retain enough ammunition and upgrade weapons to survive to the end. You can not move, so you have to spin around to see them as they approach silently through the darkness.

In Arizona Sunshine you will be mowing down waves of zombies with dual arms in full daylight. While it’s not really scary, you have mobility, actual campaign missions, a growing number of cooperatives that add to its replayability.

Resident Evil VII VR

Easy choice for the best experience of VR horror you can buy. Others may frighten you more in small pieces, but this first-person game, originally designed for consoles, watches dozens of hours of content, with incredible graphics and a surprisingly compelling story outside the usual zombies and changes.

(For a more action-heavy console-to-VR port that still has plenty of creepiness, try blowing up demons in Doom VFR.)

The Persistence

This first person rogue-like shooter. Science Fiction / Horror Game expects players to die over and over again. Every time you do, you will be 3D – printed with upgraded skills; unfortunately, the world itself has also been rearranged, with new monsters ready to kill you all over again.  

It is essentially Dead Space in VR, except that it is better to steal your creepy mutant enemies than to try to cut off their limbs; at least until you have survived long enough in this tense, claustrophobic environment to create better weapons.

(For another creepy shooter you’ll play and replay to find every ending, try Duck Season). 

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

While the original, non-VR Until Dawn had a compelling story that cleverly played off horror film tropes, the VR edition is much simpler: what if you were attacked on a roller coaster by a horde killer clown?

You will have to learn to see your peripheral vision as more and more awful monsters appear in later levels. A great starting point for owners of PS VR to get used to shooting mechanics and toughen up on the list for the scarier games.

(Also consider a more narrative-driven VR game from Until Dawn’s developers: The Inpatient)


Did you find this helpful? Are there other rightening VR horror games you know about?

Let us know in the comments section!

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