The Best PS4 Prices, Packages And Christmas Deals For 2018

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The best PS4 deals you can get now

We’re deep into the stupid season, meaning that the best PS4 prices of the year are for sales. However, we do not have to wait for an excuse to dig out the best PS4 deal in the US. This is what we do throughout the year and here you’ll find the latest PS4 bundles.

If you already have a regular PS4 or are planning to pick up your first one, we imagine that you also looked at the PS4 Pro prices. And we don’t blame you for Sony’s ridiculously strong lineup of exclusive games and lots of third parties, look gorgeous with the power of Ultra HD 4 K and HDR behind them, providing you have a compatible TV that is. Perhaps you’re looking for a cheap television too?

Prices are available for the PS4 Slim( the older, chunkier PS4 is now discontinued and prices are usually higher than the Slim) and the 4 K beast, the PS4 Pro. In our price comparison charts, we will look at the best prices for the consoles by ourselves and highlight the cheapest PS4/PS4 Pro bundles with discounted( or free) games, controls, and accessories. Getting the best bang for your dollars is all about us at techguideworld.

The best PS4 deals

PS4 Slim is cheap today and we have the latest retailer prices right below. It’s worth scrolling a little further and checking the PS4 Pro deals too, because you may not have to spend more than you think on the 4 K console.

PS4 Slim 1TB Console | $289.95 at Walmart
The larger 1TB PS4 is a must-buy at the right price compared to the standard 500GB version. So many games now have a minimum 50GB mandatory install so the larger capacity is super handy if you have a decent-sized game collection.

PS4 Slim | Spider-Man | $329.66 at Walmart
There aren’t many PS4 bundles around today, but this one gives you a decent saving over buying the Spider-Man game separately as it’s held its value well since its release a few

1TB PS4 Slim Days of Play Limited Edition Console | $361 at Walmart
We’ve seen prices go way higher than this for this limited edition blue console with gold symbols. If you like the look, we really wouldn’t hang about for too long trying to decide as this could rocket back up to $500 in the blink of an eye.

PS4 Pro | Red Dead Redemption 2 | $399.99 at BestBuy
Finally! A PS4 Pro bundle worth looking at. The PS4 Pro has been sold out at regular price for a few months now in the US, so this is a real money saver. You’re getting Red Dead Redemption 2 bundled in for free with this deal. It’s one of the few worthwhile PS4 Pro offers around at the moment. A stock is in seriously short supply nationwide.


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