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Surface Go in India Microsoft launches

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    Microsoft launches India’s surface go

    Microsoft India finally launched an Indian market Surface Go tablet.

    The surface go is available in two variants; the 64 GB model is priced at INR 37,999 ($ 530) and the 128 GB model at INR 49,999 ($ 698).

    For now, the surface go is only available on flipkart. It will be sold on 27 December, but you can order it now. The surface go is Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 tablet. It is also the cheapest, below the more expensive surface model.

    Because of the budget nature, the specs are low-end. You get an Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y dual core processor clocked with Intel HD Graphics 615 at 1.6GHz. The 64 GB storage model has 4 GB of RAM and the 128 GB model has 8 GB of RAM. While the 128 GB model has SSD flash memory, the 64 GB model uses a much slower eMMC memory.

    You have 1x USB-C, 1x Surface Connect port, microSDXC card slot and 3.5mm headphone jack when it comes to connectivity.

    The display is a 3:2 10″ panel with a resolution of 1800×1200, 10-point multi-touch support and Corning Gorilla Glass 3. You also have two cameras at the back, an 8MP and a 5MP at the front. There are also 2W Dolby Audio Premium Stereo speakers.

    The surface go has an integrated kick booth like the more expensive surface pro and also has its own surface go signature cover and supports the surface pen. The type cover will nevertheless come to India at a later date. Type cover price is INR 11.799 ($ 165).

    The Surface Go comes with the infamous S-Mode Windows 10, which only allows you to install and run apps from the Microsoft Store. It’s fast and easy to turn this off, however, and you can run all your Windows applications on it.


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