Sony Mobile Will Let 200 Swedish Office Staff Go As It Tries To Reduce Costs By Half

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Sony Mobile will let 200 Swedish office members go as they try to cut costs by half

Sony Mobile has lost money and market share, and the parent company has developed a plan to deal with the first part–it will halve the division’s costs over the next few years. This begins with a downsizing round at the office in Lund, Sweden. This office used to be Sony Mobile’s headquarters, but it moved to Tokyo years ago. The Lund office still uses around 1,200 people.

There are few details known, but 800 of them are directly used by Sony Mobile, while the rest of the staff have contractors or other divisions. Of these 800, it will let a quarter – go by the end of March 2019.

Stefan Olsson, Lund’s Deputy Chairman, says halving the costs does not mean letting half the staff go. Sony reviews the company, so it irons the details out.

Last year, Sony Mobile sold 13,5 million units and forecast 10 million sales for the year. This number was reduced a few times, the Q3 report amounted to just seven million units. The initial plan was likewise to reduce expenditure by 30 percent.


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