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Presentation Has Become Easier With The New MS Office 2019

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    Demonstrate Has Become Easier with New MS Office 2019

    As a presentation software, PowerPoint remains undisputed. This fact is further reinforced with the release of the office in 2019. Both Mac and Windows versions now receive the much-anticipated updates. However, the Windows version still has a slight advantage of the Mac version, in particular with the new digital ink. Some of the best features and updates you need to know if you plan to purchase Office 2019 are listed below.

    1. Morph Transition

    Morph transition is one of the most outstanding features of PowerPoint. The creation of a seamless animation no longer needs to be complicated for presenters. You can quickly achieve the desired effect with a clear plan and a few clicks. In addition, the transition allows you to move smoothly from slide to slide.

    2. Zoom for PowerPoint

    The zoom functionality is available only to Windows users. Zoom allows you to dynamize a presentation. It also features a custom navigation. When you create a zoom in PowerPoint, you can easily jump to specific sections, slides, and parts of your presentation in any order you choose. There are three different zoom types.

    1. Summary Zoom

    Summary Zoom is like a website’s landing page. Here, you can see all of the pieces at once. You can use the zoom to go from slide to slide in any order you want without interrupting the flow of your presentation.

    2. Slide Zoom

    Slide Zooms allow you to make your presentation more dynamic. Slide Zooms are good options when making short presentations. Besides, it helps you drill down multiple pieces of information while still having the feeling of stay on the same canvas.

    3. Section Zoom

    Refers to a link to a section already in your presentation. You can use section Zooms to go to sections you want to emphasize on or highlight certain pieces of information.

    You can light your presentation by making your own zooms.

    3. Text Highlight

    The Office 2019 text highlight allows users to mark text marks with the color of their choice. The functionality is available both on MacOS and Windows. It is also available online in your browser. This nifty feature enables the presenters to emphasize important texts and information. Follow these steps to use this feature.

    1. Highlight One Piece of Text

    -Select the text you want to highlight.

    -From the Home tab, select the arrow next to the Text Highlighter color.

    -Choose your favorite color. I will highlight the text you selected with the color you choose.

    2. Highlighting Non-contiguous text

    -Select the arrow next to Text Highlight Color from the Home tab.

    -Choose your favorite color.

    -Next, move the mouse pointer over the text area. The pointer should change into a highlighter.

    – Select the portions of the text you want to highlight.

    -When done with the highlights, press ESC button from the keyboard to turn off the highlighter.

    4. Vector Graphics

    You can insert or edit scalable vector graphic images in your presentation with the new PowerPoint to create a sharp, well-designed presentation. Scalable Vector Graphic Images (SVG) can be re-colored losing no shape if they are resized or zoomed.

    In addition, Office 2019, supports SVG files that have filters applied to them. You can as well convert the SVG icons into shapes. Although the process will require you to disassemble the SVG and edit each piece individually.

    If you want to use Microsoft free icon databases, click Insert > Icons to add icons to your work. You can also click Insert> Photos and select the image source from the list.

    5. 3D Models

    In the new PowerPoint, you can use 3D models to increase the visual and creative impact of your presentation. In addition, you can bring your 3D model to life through morphic transitions that create a film animation of the slides. You can also easily add a 3D model to your presentation and rotate it by 360 degrees to get the best view.

    6. Easier removal of the background

    Microsoft makes it easy to edit a photo’s background. PowerPoint detects the background automatically, so you don’t have to draw a shape around the foreground of your image anymore. You can use the pencils to note the removable or maintained areas. In addition, the pencils can be used to draw free forms instead of being limited to straight lines.

    7. Export to 4K

    Today, 4 K or ultra HD is becoming standard. When you plan to present yourself on a 4 K monitor, it’s easy with the new PowerPoint. The functionality is only available in Windows. You can export your presentation to 4 K using File > Export > Video > Ultra HD (4 K) creation.

    8.Features for recording

    You can record an audio or video narration and digital ink gestures with the new PowerPoint. You can pull all the recording features together in one place using the optional recording tab on the ribbon.

    9. Use Digital Ink to draw or write

    You can customize portable pen sets with PowerPoint 2019. You can select a set of highlights, pens and ink pencils and have them available through the Office apps. In addition to numerous colors, you can use ink effects to express your ideas with some flair in the presentation.


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