Peanuts Cartoons Will Be Part Of The Next Streaming Service Of Apple

Peanuts ,Cartoons ,Part ,Next ,Streaming ,Service ,Apple

Peanuts ,Cartoons ,Part ,Next ,Streaming ,Service ,Apple

Snoopy, the gang and Charlie Brown

There was no official confirmation yet, but it is now an open secret that Apple is working on its own video streaming service for Netflix, and a high – profile cartoon series has just been added to the roster of the platform –Peanuts, featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the gang.

It is not yet clear exactly what form this content will take or when it will appear, but it appears that it will include educational content with an astronaut Snoopy, in partnership with NASA – the idea being to encourage more students into science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Apple has entered into a deal with DHX Media, which currently controls Peanuts ‘ rights, and will produce new series, specials and shorts with the Peanuts characters in the coming years, reports Deadline.

In the pipeline

If you’re new to this all – out rumor about Apple and an exclusive streaming service, it’s been around for years. The idea is that Apple can boost flagging video sales of iTunes with a subscription service similar to Netflix or Hulu.

Apple has not yet said anything about this project in one way or another–it may still be thinking about future strategies–but there is no doubt that the company has a host of TV shows in the pipeline. According to industry insiders, Steven Spielberg is among the big names on board.

We can now add Charlie Brown to the list. A start date was mooted sometime in March 2019, and it was said that these original films and shows could be made free for anyone who buys an iOS device.


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