List of Free Text Apps For Android That sends Genuine SMS Messages!

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5 free text apps for Android that send real SMS messages!

Searching online for free texting apps is a pain in the rear end. There are free apps that work with your existing SMS service and then messenger apps that send messages but not real SMS. This is a problem we hope to rectify with this article. Text messages are still the most common method of communicating via text. Most people have SMS/MMS support so you don’t need to worry about whether or not they use some other service. However, free texting apps are a little shaky. The most common model is free texts in exchange for viewing advertisements. The second most common include free texting apps that give you monthly limits. They’re still free in either case, though. Here are the best free texting apps for Android! To test, we downloaded every app and made sure that they could actually send text messages first.

Google Voice

Google Voice is an excellent arbitrary texting app and effortlessly certain of the close popular. It lets ye send free SMS messages and perform unrestricted cellphone calls within the U.S. or Canada. This backyard regarding these areas holds spotty coverage. In somebody cases, thou function finds partial extra perks, like a decent Google Chrome extension for pc use, a natty app together with Material Design, or some nice voicemail options because of calls. The SMS then MMS aid is good, but not to one of a kid out of what we have seen of this list. It’s a rock rigid option and likely somethinged story first. Please note, you work want a Google tab because of its app. stability

Bonus: Pulse SMS (and similar apps)

A parcel of individuals search for free texting apps so they can content on non-connected gadgets like tablets. Beat SMS, Android Messages, AirDroid, Pushbullet, etc are all amazing choices for this. These apps do not give free text messages. Be that as it may, they do let you utilize your existing content arrange on fundamentally any other gadget you possess. Our favorite is Beat SMS. It’s clean and it’s one of the few with a single up-front taken a toll rather than a membership. You essentially get the app, introduce it on all of your gadgets (counting your computer) and it all sends and gets genuine writings from your ordinary phone number. It’s a parcel cleaner than having a moment number fair to content on a non-connected gadget.


TextPlus is our final choice, and it’s another strong alternative. It offers free SMS writings to U.S. and Canada. It moreover offers free phone calls. It works on a credit framework. You win credits by observing advertisements, essentially. You’ll include non-data SMS and calls for $9.99 per month (GSM phones). There’s too an alternative to evacuating advertisements for $0.99 per month and that’s the cheapest on this list. At long last, you’ll be able to purchase fair credits for calls on the off chance you need to. The free texting worked fair fine in our testing and the UI is decently clean. It’s another great choice in case the past three didn’t work for you.

Text Free

Text Free is one of the foremost prevalent free texting apps on Android. It too works on iOS where it is exceptionally well known. The app does what it says. You sign up for an account, claim a phone number, and begin texting individuals. This one too features free calls. Be that as it may, you’re limited to 60 minutes per month at no cost. You’ll be able. observe video advertisements or buy more minutes on the off chance that you wish to. The membership administrations incorporate $2.99 per month to evacuate advertisements or $4.99 per month to evacuate advertisements and save your phone number. Clearly, the benefit recovers dormant numbers after a whereas so you’ll save yours for a month to month charge. In any case, this app does work. The app brags Universal back as well.

TextMe Up

TextMe Up isn’t a part distinctive from Content Free. The app gives you a phone number; you send content messages and get them. The app has fewer advertisements per page, but there are advertisements in more places. It’s fair a matter of inclination. This one too bolsters phone calls with a credit framework. You are doing to get two, to begin with. The memberships incorporate $4.99 per week for a week of full get to (counting free calls), and $7.99 per month for full get to, period. Both memberships expel advertisements and incorporate free phone calls. This app has a free SMS to the Joined States and Canada. The UI is Fabric Plan, and that’s kind of pleasant. 


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