Lenovo Is Teasing More Than 8 GB Of RAM, Two Z5 Assistants

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Lenovo teases over 8 GB of RAM, two Z5 helpers

Lenovo went to Weibo in what is now the norm for teasing a device and uploaded four promo posters for the upcoming Z5 smartphone. Lenovo asserts that the Z5s will have over 8 GB of RAM-which would point to 10 GB-that they will be a powerful gaming device and that they will have dual personal helpers.

They schedule the Lenovo Z5s to be official on 18 December and we know that three cameras will be available on the back. We can also guess that the Z5s are powered by a Snapdragon 678 (although a Snapdragon 710 can also be chosen).

The Z5s have a 6.3-inch screen on the front (with a shape of a notch that the teaser posters hide purposefully), a low 3.210mAh battery on the inside and a fingerprint scanner on the back. The Z5s run Android 9 pie from the box.


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