How To Recover Lost Smartphone Data

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The recovery of lost data is still a big question mark for many people, but this article will go completely away. You will learn the entire way to recover data lost on your computer and smartphone. Whatever operating system you use, whether it’s Android or Mac, you can recover your data at any time.

There are several conditions that are mainly the reason for data loss, but the software I’m here can fully recover any data. Whether you want to recover pictures, videos or text type file doesn’t matter. The EaseUS data recovery software is the software.

How to recover lost smartphone data

  • Prepare your smartphone and your data cable to connect your smartphone to your computer.
  • Now connect your smartphone with your system.
  • Start EaseUS software and you can see the smartphone model on your software screen.
  • Two options are available in the Deep Scan and Quick Scan software.
  • The deep scan is for the complete scan which can recover raw files too while the quick scan is to scan recently deleted files.
  • If you want to recover complete files, then you need to tap on the deep scan.
  • If the process is started and taking a lot of time, then you need to wait for it to be completed.
  • Make sure the process is finished. You can then find the files, but the files can be named randomly because the raw files are always lame names.
  • The files can be identified only if the files are previewed or downloaded. In short, by their names you can’t identify them.
  • Then You can recover all the files at once or after selection you can recover them one by one.
  • Save the recovered files to primary or secondary storage now.


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