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This piece of news, maybe unimportant, shows something more profound going on with Google and its Android brand. An unused commit spotted in Chromium’s Gerrit source code administration uncovers that Google serious to move its web entrance for sending and getting SMS and MMS messages.

In the event that you use the Android Messages app (which was eventually renamed to fair “Messages”), you’ll be able to get to a web interface to chat with people from your phone using your desktop. To do this, all you have got to do is head to Messages. The modern commit recommends that Google will transition clients to a modern address: Messages.

In straightforward terms, what this commit does is tell Chromebook to a halt using the URL and use the URL in forms 72 or 73 of Chrome OS which incorporate the “Better Together” highlights for coordination Android and Chrome OS.

This later develops the thought that Google will inevitably stage out the utilize of “Android” branding. Ever since it propelled, there have continuously been individuals who didn’t know that Android is lovely much synonymous with Google. The verification is within the pudding: Android Pay was renamed to Google Play, Android Messages to fair Messages and Android Wear to fair Wear OS. So what is ceasing Google from fair expelling the “Android” inside and out?

We might conjecture that Google plans to completely rebrand android as something along the lines of “Google OS” for its 10.0 form of Android “Q”. Maybe the most punctual we may listen almost typically atGoogle I/O where a future adaptation of Android is as a rule reported.

In its present state, the URL doesn’t lead anywhere, but this might evolve in the coming weeks.

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