Google Duo Amounts To One Billion Downloads

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 In accordance to Play Store statistics recently spotted by Android Police, Google Duo is the latest Google app to be downloaded one billion times.

One billion downloads is very the turning point to hit, particularly once you consider the app’s 500 million downloads by June 2018. Meaning it as it were took Team six months to accumulate the remaining 500 million downloads.

You’ll somewhat much obliged Duo’s extended bolster for iPads, Android tablets, Chromebooks, and Savvy Shows for the substantial bounce in downloads. You’ll be able moreover to thank Team for being pre-installed on most Android gadgets, which might reduce the one-billion-download breakthrough a bit. Then once more, the as it were app not pre-installed on Android gadgets that come to one billion downloads is Metro Surfers. Let that sink in for a bit.

On a related note, Google engineer Justin Uberti tweeted that the company has “apart more in store for 2019.” He remained tight-lipped when inquired what modern highlights Pair will incorporate. 

Announced during Google I/O 2016, Duo is the company’s video calling account that competes with the brand of Skype and FaceTime. Duo’s highlight affection is Knock Knock, which presents a alive examination of the addition afore you answer.


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