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Dacia set to drop Renault badge

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    The design boss of Renault, Laurens van den Acker, says the company will phase out the use of Renault-badged Dacia models in certain markets- A move that he says will free the cars of the Romanian brand to take on more individual designs.

    “Our aim is to create a unique global Renault line – up, ” van den Acker said.

    I want this to stop, cars that are Dacias Renault derivatives. I can not argue with the business sense because Renaults were expensive for some markets and Dacias were relatively modern, reliable and affordable vehicles, so we rebadged them. It gave us a foothold in those markets. But now we’re starting to sell more cars in markets like Russia, we’re starting to distinguish.

    The Russian Kaptur market which looks similar to the Captur SUV but is a larger car built on a Dusterplatform was the first Renault specially developed for emerging markets, followed by the Arkana crossover recently unveiled.

    Van den Acker added that the phasing-out of Renault-badged Dacia models would further liberate Dacia’s design. He said that the “Dacia next generation will be great” and added “We will try to be clever. I push Renault to be very sensual and latin, and Dacia to be Germanic and robust. This strategy works very well for us.”


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