2020 Toyota Supra Front Design Leaked

We’re about a month from the highly anticipated revelation of the reborn Toyota Supra, but we won’t have to wait until the Detroit Auto Show 2019 to see the front fascia of the coupe. Our friends in the SupraMKV forums have published a picture of what looks like a Supra ready for production.

The pointy nose of the concept has been toned down for the road – going car, which will also have larger LED headlights and a less dramatic hood without the transparent panel to show the engine. The side air intake appears to be about as large as on theFT-1 and this flank is a central piece that gives the Supra a really aggressive appearance.

We are looking forward to seeing whether the FT-1 concept will have a correspondent on the road – going Supra. Given that the front end of the showcar has fallen on the production model, it should be a similar story with the back of the coupe. In the meantime, the concept is refreshed compared to a recent spy shot of the fifth-gene Supra in the hotter GR trim.


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