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Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers to Use in 2018

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    Dedicated Server hosting is one of the best hostings in terms of speed, customization, tenancy, performance, reliability, security, deployment, and customer service support.

    Dedicated Server Hosting ensures that visitors to your website or your customers get a sleek and hitch-free experience.

    It means the whole resources of the server are solely at the disposal of your website and application — RAM, hard disk space, bandwidth, and CPU. In addition, you get unrestricted control over your hosting, choice of operating system and hardware.

    See the list below for some of the best-dedicated server hosting service providers to use for your business in 2018.

    Liquid Web Dedicated Server Hosting

    Liquid web has a range of dedicated server hosting plan to lease for your business(es): from the basic single processor server with 4 cores, to the ultra-fast dual processor server with 24 cores.

    Liquid Web Dedicated Server plans starts at $199 per month and climbs up to $599 for the highest plan. However, if your business or application is more resource intensive, you can speak with Liquid Web’s “24hour” customer service support team to customize a hosting plan to suit your company or personal needs.

    InMotion Dedicated Server Hosting

    InMotion’s Dedicated Server plans a good place to start. For as low as $99 in a month, you can lease a server to yourself. More interestingly, InMotion is presently holding a promo that gives users twice the initial amount of RAM allocated to individual hosting plans.

    For example, the basic dedicated server usually comes with 4GB of RAM allocated, but now, it comes with 8GB. Considering the $99 fee, that is a good bargain. InMotion is based in the United States and the company runs 2 state-of-the-art data centers in the location.

    HostGator Dedicated Server Hosting

    On the basis of price, HostGator offers two tiers of dedicated server hosting. For people with a low-budget, and whose website or business do not demand heavy resources, HostGator’s “Basic” and “Elite” plans will help you save big on dedicated hosting. There are also other plans that offer more resources at reasonable prices too.

    BlueHost Dedicated Server Hosting

    BlueHost Dedicated Servers are one of the best-dedicated server hosting provider in the land. Bluehost boasts of improved multi-server management, improved cPanel, domain privacy, instant provisioning and extreme speed.

    In addition, BlueHost dedicated servers are one of the cheapest to lease. Visit BlueHost official website to learn more.

    1&1 Dedicated Server Hosting

    1&1 is another US-based web hosting provider that offers high performance for small to large projects. With 1&1 “Value Server”, you can get your business hosted for free on a dedicated server for as long as three months (subjected to a setup fee of $49) among other cheap  plans. Visit 1&1 official website for more details on their dedicated server packages.

    HostWinds Dedicated Server Hosting

    HostWinds is another dedicated server provider with focus on providing confidence in the functionality, speed, and general performance of client’s website.

    GoDaddy Dedicated Server Hosting

    GoDaddy’s dedicated servers only support Windows and Linux operating system, with the former more expensive than the latter. All GoDaddy’s dedicated server hosting packages come with daily backup, top-notch security, and a dedicated team of admin experts monitoring your website round the clock.

    For new customers, GoDaddy’s hosting cost about $105 every month and will cost about double when you renew your plan.


    Have you used any of the above-listed company’s dedicated hosting servers? How was the experience?

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