All you need to know about how to buy and sell Ethereum (ETH) | Technology Guide World All you need to know about how to buy and sell Ethereum (ETH) | Technology Guide World

All you need to know about how to buy and sell Ethereum (ETH)

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    If Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrency, then, Ethereum is the queen.

    Ethereum is the 2nd most valuable cryptocurrency in the world right after Bitcoin. In this article, we would be breaking down Ethereum into bits for the sake of beginners.If you wish to know what Ethereum is, how it works, how buy and sell ethereum, and where to get it without getting entangled in the obscure technical aspect, then you should read on.

    History of Ethereum

    Ethereum was founded not too long after Bitcoin began to pique the interest of so many people across the globe. But unlike Bitcoin whose founder and history have no face and the story behind it seem sort of a mystery, Ethereum has a founder whose “true name” and history is known.

    Ethereum was invented by a Vitalik Buterin, a Russian programmer in 2013 but was formally announced and launched in 2014. Vitalik was believed to have dropped out of college to invent Ethereum to fill in some Blockchain void and purposes left out by Bitcoin.

    What is Ethereum?

    Ethereum is a distributed public network that runs on Blockchain network technology similar to that of Bitcoin.

    However, unlike Bitcoin which is the currency itself, Ethereum isn’t a currency. It is only a network on which the original currency called “Ether” runs on. ETH is shortened form of “Ether” used on many trading platforms.

    Unlike Bitcoin which is solely a tradeable cryptocurrency, Ethereum has its own purposes. Aside from trading Ether[eum], it is used majorly by application developers to pay for transaction fees and services on the Ethereum network. In fact, the use of Ethereum is, at the moment, limited to paying for stuff on the Ethereum network.

    Ethereum blockchain has its focus on running the programming code of any decentralized application. And for any developer to use this platform, he/she has to pay using the only currency recognized in the Ethereum network — Ether.

    So it is safe to say that if you aren’t a developer on the Ethereum network, you are only interested in the business and trade aspect of the cryptocurrency. Which leads us to list ways through which Ethereum can be gotten, stored, and traded.

    How to get Ethereum

    Like most cryptocurrencies, you can own Ethereum either by creating it (mining) or buying it. The former is a far more complex, time and energy consuming process than the latter.

    Also, you’ve got to have some technical know-how of the process before you can deliver into mining. Cryptocompare has a detailed and comprehensive guide on how to mine Ethereum the DIY style on your Windows PC.

    If you do not have the time, energy and technical knowledge of the mining process, but you have the cash, you can resort to buying it from platforms that buy and sell Ethereum. As at the time of writing this article, the value of Ethereum is pegged at 1 Ethereum to USD 688.17.

    If you chose to go down the mining road, you get a reward of 5 Ether every 12 – 15 seconds; the time it takes to mine an Ethereum block.

    How to Buy and Sell Ethereum

    You can buy and sell Ethereum on exchange platforms that deal with cryptocurrencies…and there are many of them. The processes are quite similar and easy and can be carried out on the same exchange platform.

    The platforms below are trusted crypto-exchange site to g

    Ethereum Exchanges

    CoinbaseGeminiBittrexBitfinexChangellyBinance and Kraken are some renowned Ethereum exchanges for buying and selling Ethereum.

    Majority of exchange platform also offer Ethereum wallet services ( so that you keep your crypto with them) but this is advised against as the probability of losing your Ethereum in the case of a hack is almost 100%.

    Ethereum Wallet for Securing your Coin

    As listed here, there are different type of wallets that you can securely keep your Ethereum with minimal fear of losing them. Here are some of the most popular wallets to keep the Ethereum you mined or bought:

    Ledger Nano S

    The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet, one of the most secured Ethereum wallet. It keeps your cryptocurrency offline and only you know your private key. Ledger Nano S is relatively affordable (cost about $60 to $80) and there are useful tutorials on how to use it .


    Trezor is another hardware wallet you can trust with your Ethereum. Formerly used to store only Bitcoin, it now supports the Ethereum.


    Mist is an online and official wallet for Ethereum. Setting up and accessing Mist is quite easy and straightforward as you only require to set up a password to access your Ethereum.

    But be careful though, you do not want to forget this password as there is no “guaranteed” way to recover your password when you lose it. There are a couple of (Python) programming tricks and code that could help but may not work.

    Other renowned wallets you can keep your wallet are MyEtherWalletMetaMaskExodusJaxx etc.


    Hopefully, we have been able to summarize some a couple of things you should know about Ethereum: its history, uses, how to buy and sell it, how to store it in a wallet, etc. in the simplest way possible.


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