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Tips on Buying a Mobile Phone in 2018

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    Buying a mobile phone in 2018 can be quite challenging considering the plethora of smartphones that are in the market.

    The challenge comes when you think about the new arrivals from Apple, Samsung, and Google where all are designed in a manner that you can’t tell which one is best for your needs.

    Although an important factor while choosing a smartphone is the price, there are other germane factors to consider. The 7 points listed below will help you to make an informed decision and buy a mobile phone that will serve your needs.

    1. Durability

    Of course, no one would want to go back to shop for another mobile phone after some few weeks of ua sing new one. Everyone wants to get a device that will last long so you should check the build quality of the phone.

    The two types of builds that exist in the market are metal and plastic, however, you may find some phones that are designed with glass-coating, although these are few in the market.

    Consider the environment you work under then know what type of material is suitable for your phone. If you work in the industries where you come into contact with metals, it is good to buy a mobile phone that won’t crack easily. You can search for a drop test of your phone model to know whether your phone can withstand falling down without breaking.

    2. Battery life

    This is a very imperative factor to consider when buying a mobile phone and if you are that person who is always on the go, you should not overlook this. Buying a mobile phone with low battery capacity means you will be charging it every now and then. Although there are many factors that can drain your battery easily such as the screen size, processor, and the operating system you should aim to buy a mobile phone with at least 3000mAh and above so that it can stay longer before you charge it again.

    3. How long for the mobile phone to be fully charged

    Here, you must ensure to check whether your phone will take many hours before it is fully charged or it can take some few minutes to get fully charged. If you want a mobile phone with a fast charging battery, ensure to buy a mobile phone that offers fast charging tech like Quick Charge and Xcharge.

    4. Removable Battery

    This is also another important thing to consider when buying a mobile phone. Some mobile phone manufacturers sell phones that have fixed batteries which make it hard when you want to replace it after a long period of using the battery. Check to see whether the battery is replaceable or fixed. Buying a mobile phone with a replaceable battery is advantageous because when you decide to replace it, you can do it without paying a replacement fee.

    5. Processor

    Each mobile phone has its own processing power which depends on other factors such as the operating system version and more. Having a good processor inside your mobile phone will make your phone to run faster when you power it on when you start your apps or when you launch games and also when editing photos and so on. This is imortant when buying a mobile phone.

    6. Storage

    Here, you should check the mobile phone’s internal storage. While you check on your mobile phone storage, note that some games can take up to 1GB of storage apart from photos and videos you may be recording with your mobile phone. Also, remember the OS occupies a large storage together with the apps that come with your mobile phone.  Therefore, try to buy a mobile phone with an internal storage space of up to 16GB or even 32 GB or more.


    Maybe you could be wondering why we left out one factor which is money, but this should be your last thing. Remember, if you put money into your first consideration, you may end up buying a cheap mobile phone which will make you go back to shop for another one since it might not serve your needs. Having the above factors first will make you know the amount to spend on your phone.

    Are there other factors that you look out for befor purchasing your phone? Let us know in the comments section!


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