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Apple introduces third party 3.5mm to Lightning cable Adapters

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    Apple put on to the market 3.5mm to Lightning cable adapters so people could use their third-party 3.5mm headphones with the iPhone 8 and X.

    Following the introduction of wireless headphones (Ear Buds) and the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Apple’s iPhone 8 and X, users without Bluetooth headphones were forced to either pay up for Apple’s Ear Buds or purchase a new pair of Bluetooth headphones.Some users already had comfortable headphones but had to buy new headphones with Bluetooth capabilities. Now, Apple is allowing third-party manufacturers to design their own 3.5mm to Lightning cables that have the MFI (Made For iPod, iPhone) label on them. The MFI label guarantees that an accessory is suitable for Apple products.

    Advantages of the 3.5mm to lightning cable

    This adapter is good news for users who do not wish to discard their favorite and comfortable headphones. Having a 3.5mm to Lightning cable adapter means that you can use your old headphones or continue using a 3.5mm output to listen to music.

    Another advantage of the adapters is that they are more difficult to misplace than the Apple Ear Buds. Some people also prefer the ‘feel’ of traditional headphones and cables. Thus, using a 3.5mm to Lightning cable ensures that you can buy whatever headphones you wish, from whatever manufacturer you want.

    Importance of MFI certification of 3.5mm to lightning cable

    MFI, or Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad indicates that the accessory on hand meets Apple specifications and standards. Therefore, the accessory will not harm or in any way cause issues to your Apple product.

    This certification applies to a wide range of accessories, from chargers to docks and others. Hence, before purchasing any accessory for your Apple device, ensure that it has MFI certification and label. How can you identify original lightning connector accessories?

    How to know MFI certified 3.5mm to lightning cable

    To start with, the 3.5mm to Lightning cable will be made to Apple’s standards. With a certified accessory, the Lightning piece will be a smooth, single piece with rounded contact, the width and length will be 7.7mm x 12mm, and the faceplate will be grey/metallic in colour.

    Fake accessories will not be homogenous and will look to be made with poor quality materials. It will vary in width, length and thickness compared to Apple’s standard sizing, and there is likely to be a black or white faceplate insert.

    A recommendation when buying Apple accessory is to buy them from an Apple store or from a reputable seller. Purchasing your accessory from somewhere that you can trust will help you be sure that your accessory is 100% Apple certified and will cause any harm to your iPhone, iPad or iPod.


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