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Glo data plans and codes

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    Globacom used to be “ the grandmasters of data” due to their cheap data plans. In fact the first time I saw the Glo data plans, I thought it was a scam. But things have changed.  Now their data plans are almost the same price as that of other network providers in Nigeria. What are the new Glo data plans? This is the focus of this article.

    Glo Daily data plans and their codes

    These Glo data plans are for those that want to do some little things online quickly but do not want to spend plenty money on data.

    15MB – N50

    Code : *127*14#

    35MB – N100

    Code : *127*51#

    100MB – N200

    Code: *127*56#

    Glo Weekly data plans and their codes

    800MB – N500

    Code: *127*57#

    Glo Monthly data plans and their codes

    Unlike other network providers, something I really like about the Glo data plans is that they are not partitioned. Other network providers will give you a certain amount of data and divide it for you, some for use during the day, and others during the night. As if we will not sleep at night! Anyways, these are the monthly data plans from Glo

    1.6GB – N1000

    Code : *127*53#

    3.7GB – N2000

    Code: *127*55#

    5GB – N2500

    Code: *127*58#

    6GB – N3000

    Code: *127*54#

    8GB – N4000

    Code: *127*59#

    12GB – N5000

    Code: *127*2#

    16GB – N8000

    Code: *127*1#

    23GB – N10000

    Code: *127*11#

    30GB – N15000

    Code: *127*12#

    45GB – N18000

    Code: *127*13#


    As the data plans above show, Glo might have increased the cost of their data plans, but compared with some of the other network providers, they are relatively cheap. The only problem I have with Glo is their bad network service. However, if the network is good in your area of residence, it is recommended.

    Do you have any opinions or recommendations concerning the Glo data plans? Is there a particular plan you enjoy? If so, let your voice be heard in the comments section.


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