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Airtel tariff plan and call rates

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    Airtel prides itself on being the “smartphone network”. While they have great data plans for smartphones, are they also great for those of us interested in making calls? This article contains the Airtel tariff plan and call rates of Airtel Nigeria.

    As at the time of writing this article, these are some the tariff plans that Airtel offer:

    • Airtel smartTALK 2.0
    • Airtel smartCONNECT
    • Airtel smartVALUE
    • Airtel smartTRYBE Junior
    • Airtel smartPREMIER
    • Airtel smartROAM

    1). smartTALK 2.0 tariff plan

    This tariff plan offers a call rate of 11k/s to all networks throughout the day. Sweet deal right?

    Er.. if you are willing to pay an access fee of N5 every day, yes it is.  This access fee is charged when you make your first call of the day, and it is not deducted if you do not make calls throughout the day.

    For those that have people in “the abroad” , the plan allows you to make international calls at the rate of 20k/s , access fee of N5 also applies.

    If this package is what you like, you can subscribe by dialing the code *315#.

    2). smartCONNECT tariff plan

    This tariff plan offers you 8x the value of your recharge N100 and above! 8x!.

    • (100% of) Your airtime recharge goes to your main account.
    • 250% goes to your voice bonus account.
    • 250% goes to your data bonus account.
    • 100% goes to your social bonus account.
    • 100% goes to your Family and friends bonus account.

    You can also register Family and Friends numbers to receive discounts on call rates. As if that is not enough, Airtel also gives you 100% end of the month data bonus on the total amount you recharge in the month as long as it is above N200. This bonus is charged at N5 per MB.

    This tariff looks almost too good to be true, abi?

    Airtel is not doing Father Christmas for anybody. This is how they will remove your money.

    You know that 8x bonus abi, they charge an incredible 60k/s! How about your main account? My friends, they charge 50k/s on local and international calls! Even your Family and Friends are not safe as they charge 40k/s here.

    If you like this tariff plan and wish to subscribe, sorry, no migration. It is open to only new subscribers.

    3). smartVALUE tariff plan

    This tariff plan has a call rate of 15k/s to all networks in Nigeria and 20k/s to other countries.

    It has the added incentive of N0 access fee, unlike smartTALK 2.0.

    To migrate dial the code *314#

    4). smartTRYBE

    This offes a call rate of 11k/s.

    All data bundles of N500 and above purchased on all campuses within Nigeria will result in a 30% extra bonus. You get to buy 1GB of data for N500 (valid for seven days), and you can also enjoy night browsing which gives you 500MB for just N25 within 12AM – 5AM. It is great for people that use data more than calling

    To migrate to this plan dial *312#

    5). smartPREMIER

    With this one, calls to all networks are charged at N11k/s throughout the day, but for the first minute of the day, calls are charged at a whooping N40k/s.

    On every recharge made, you also receive 150MB bonus.You also qualify for free incoming calls when roaming after you recharge at least N5000.

    To migrate , dial *318#.

    6).  smartROAM tariff plan

    For those who travel a lot and need to keep connected to their loved ones and business associates, this is the plan for them.

    When you recharge cumulatively at least N5000 in a month, you get free incoming calls when roaming on 10 networks in 5 selected countries throughout the month.

    The following are the networks on which you’re eligible for this offer in different countries:

    1. Saudi Arabia – Zain & STC.
    2. South Africa – Cell C & Vodacom.
    3. UK – Orange, Telefonica O2 and Vodafone.
    4. USA – AT&T.
    5. UAE – DU & Etisalat.

    To migrate , simply recharge a minimum of N5,000 when you’re roaming.


    Are there any Airtel tariff plans we missed (I doubt) . Which is your preferred plan and why? Let others know in the comments section.



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