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Airtel data plans and codes

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    Airtel offers a variety of data plans that are quite affordable and easy on your pocket.

    Thinking of making a switch to Airtel data plans? This article is for you. Here you will see the various data plans offered by “ The smartphone network”. Compare these plans with those from Glo , MTN and 9Mobile


    Airtel Daily data plans and their codes

    These are “quickies” for those that need a quick fix and do not want to spend plenty money on data.

    20MB – N50

    Code : *141*11*9#

    75MB – N100

    Code: *141*11*410#

    Airtel three (3) day data plan and code

    200MB – N200

    Code : *141*11*412#

    Airtel weekly data plan

    350MB – N300

    Code: *141*11*417#

    Airtel 2 weeks data plan and code

    750MB – N500

    Code : *141*11*418#

    Airtel Monthly data plans and their codes

    1.5GB – N1000


    3.5 GB – N2000

    This plan is divided into two. The 2.5GB used during the day and a “bonus” 1GB from 1am-7am

    Code : *440*16#

    5.5GB –N2500

    This paln is also annoying divided into 2, the 4.5GB to be used in the day and a “bonus” of 1GB from 1am-7am

    Code : *437*1#

    6.5GB – N3000

    As usual with Airtel, who somehow have an aversion of giving customers things without adding “bonus”, this plan is divided into 5.GB for use during the day and 1GB for use between 1am- 7am

    Code: *438#

    9.5GB – N4000

    This plan is 7.5GB for use during the day and 2GB bonus from 1am- 7am.

    Airtel Blackberry (BB) plan

    Airtel offers Blackberry customers their own plan too.

    For N1000 , they receive 3GB data.

    To subscribe dial the code: *431#


    With relatively cheap data plans, Airtel continues to show themselves as “ The smartphone network” indeed. What are your thoghts regarding these data plans? Is there anyone you particularly enjoy and will like to recommend? Please let us know in the comments section.


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